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By Organizations Supporting HR 811   
September 16, 2007


Click here for Myths and Facts About HR 811


Why HR811?

The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007 (HR811) would benefit the integrity and security of US elections by requiring independent manual audits of the accuracy of Federal election outcomes, checking the machine counts.  The bill allows States to adopt alternative methods of recounts and audits for Federal elections as long as NIST approves the alternative methodology.  There is ample time for states using paperless voting systems to implement auditable voting systems by November 2008. Historically it has taken 4 to 12 months for States to change voting systems.   Virtually every jurisdiction is familiar with using optical scan paper ballots for military, absentee, and over-seas voting.

Congress should vote “YES” on HR811 and “NO” on any unfunded mandate amendment.   Click "read more" for a list of some of the national and state organizations supporting HR 811.



Organizations Supporting the Voter Confidence & Increased Accessibility Act of 2007 (HR811)

The National Election Data Archive
Verified Voting
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law
Southern Coalition for Secured Voting
People for the American Way
Common Cause
Move On
Americans United for Democracy Integrity, & Transparency in Elections, AZ (AUDITAZ)
Voting Integrity Alliance of Tampa Bay (VIA Tampa Bay)
Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE)
Florida Voters Coalition
Count the Vote (GA)
Defenders of Democracy (GA)
Georgians for Verified Voting
Iowans for Voting Integrity
Secure, Accessible, Verifiable Elections - SAVE Our Votes (MD)
Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota
Coalition for Peace Action (NJ)
North Carolina Coalition for Verified Voting
Voting Matters/Oregon
VoteAllegheny (PA)
Election Reform Network (PA)
Concerned Voters of Centre County (PA)
Gathering To Save Our Democracy (TN)
Utah Count Votes
Doug Jones, Computer Scientist, Iowa University
Aviel D. Rubin (Avi), Computer Scientist, John Hopkins University
Douglas A. Kellner, Co-Chair, New York State Board of Elections
Barbara Simons, Former President of the Association for Computing Machinery

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