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By New York Times   
September 06, 2007

The United States Congress has a chance to take a big step toward reassuring Americans that the votes they cast on Election Day will not be lost or stolen. The House is considering a bill sponsored by Rush Holt, Democrat of New Jersey, that could come to a vote as soon as today that would make electronic voting both more reliable and less prone to fraud. The bill lacks one important thing: a ban on touch-screen voting machines. But even in its current form, it goes a long way toward fixing a voting system that has been clearly broken for many years. The House should pass it, and the Senate should pass its own bill without delay.


Electronic voting has been an abysmal failure. Computer experts have done study after study showing that electronic voting machines, which are often shoddily made, can easily be hacked. With little effort, vote totals can be changed and elections stolen. In many recent elections, voters have complained of “vote flipping,” in which touch-screen machines took votes cast for one candidate and gave them to an opponent.


When these machines do not produce a paper record of each vote that can be independently counted, voters have to accept the totals they report on faith. That is unacceptable. Testing laboratories, which are supposed to independently verify the integrity of voting machines, are rife with conflicts, since they accept money from the manufacturers.

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