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Civic Groups Call on Senate to Correct E-voting Problems Before 2008 PDF  | Print |  Email
By VoteTrustUSA   
May 30, 2007

In a joint statement, CommonCause, VerifiedVoting and called on Senator Feinstein to revise her bill, “The Ballot Integrity Act of 2007” to address the widespread problem of paperless voting before the 2008 Presidential election.  

“Although we are glad to see Senator Feinstein taking leadership on the vital issue of voting machine integrity, we are profoundly disappointed that The Ballot Integrity Act will not provide every voter with a verifiable paper record of his or her vote for the 2008 election.


There is copious evidence that e-voting machines are prone to malfunctions and vulnerable to malicious software attacks, yet over 35 million registered voters will cast their vote on an unverifiable, unauditable, paperless electronic voting machine in November 2008 unless Congress acts urgently to correct this unacceptable reality.  Voters everywhere agree that all voting systems should produce a verifiable, re-countable paper record. We know too much to recklessly gamble with the 2008 Presidential election”.

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