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December 24, 2008 Maryland Attorney General Gansler Announces $8.5 Million Claim Against Voting System Manufacturer Maryland Attorney General
July 23, 2008 Study Predicts Long Lines at Maryland Polls in November
April 06, 2008 Maryland Funds New Voting System
January 16, 2008 Maryland: Governor O'Malley Funds Voting System Change Save Our Votes Media Release
January 16, 2008 TrueVote Applauds O'Malley For Funding Transition to Paper Ballot TrueVote Maryland
January 10, 2008 Maryland: 2008 Election Judge Training Avi Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
November 09, 2007 Maryland: Does Your Home Address Begin With a '5'? Avi Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
October 23, 2007 New Poll Shows Maryland Voters Favor Funding a Switch to Paper Ballots by More Than 2 to 1
September 10, 2007 Maryland: Governor O'Malley Pledges to "Do Everything in My Power" to Fund Paper Ballots Bill
August 08, 2007 California Decerties Electronic Voting System - Including the System Used in Maryland SAVE Our Votes Media Release
June 26, 2007 Maryland Election Official Endorses Diebold Machines in Marketing Literature Kim Zetter
May 17, 2007 Maryland: Gov. O'Malley Signs Paper Records Bill Into Law Maryland Election Integrity Coalition
May 04, 2007 Maryland: State Election Administrator Deposition Released TrueVoteMD
April 10, 2007 Maryland Passes Paper Ballot Bill: 'A Victory for Democracy' TrueVoteMD
March 24, 2007 Maryland: Voting Rights Advocates Appalud House Passage of Paper Trail Bill
November 07, 2006 Maryland: TrueVoteMD Reports Problems on Election Day TrueVoteMD
November 07, 2006 Maryland: Polling Places Report Some Problems WTOP
October 31, 2006 Settlement Reached To Protect Maryland Voters The Advancement Project
October 16, 2006 Dealing With Failure Avi Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
October 15, 2006 Maryland: Diebold E-Poll Book Modifications Come Into Question John Gideon,
September 25, 2006 Maryland: Election Board Response To Primary Problems Is Inadequate SAVE Our Votes
September 24, 2006 Paper Ballots Are the Way To Go in Maryland Mary Howe Kiraly
September 21, 2006 Washington Post: Ehrlich Wants Paper Ballots For November Vote Christian Davenport and Ann E. Marimow, Washington Post Staff Writers
September 16, 2006 Maryland: Report from Prince George County A.C. Tanner
September 13, 2006 My Day at the Polls - Maryland Primary '06 Avi Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
September 12, 2006 Train Wreck In Maryland Primary John Gideon, and VoteTrustUSA
August 13, 2006 Maryland: Court Rules Early Voting Law Unconstitutional Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
June 02, 2006 Maryland: Lamone Finds A Firm That Will Approve Diebold Paperless Voting TrueVoteMD
May 08, 2006 $13M No Bid E-Pollbook Deal with Diebold Draws Fire TrueVoteMD
April 15, 2006 Maryland: Recap of the 2006 Legislative Session TrueVoteMD
April 11, 2006 Maryland: Senate Democrats Defeat Verifiable Elections Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
April 05, 2006 Take Action for Voter Verified Paper Ballots in Maryland
March 29, 2006 Maryland: Dissing Diebold Alexandra Walker,executive editor,
March 28, 2006 Democrats Fighting Hard For Diebold in Maryland Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
March 23, 2006 New York Times: Common Sense in Maryland Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
March 19, 2006 Maryland Is Being Misled - Verifiable Voting is Accurate, Accessible AND Affordable Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
March 10, 2006 MD House Votes 137 to 0 to Ban Diebold Touch-Screen Voting in 2006 Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog
March 09, 2006 Maryland: Paper Ballot Bill Passes in State House 137-0 Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
March 08, 2006 Maryland: TrueVoteMD Releases Documents Detailing Diebold Failures, Violations of State Law TrueVoteMD
March 06, 2006 Maryland: Touch-Screen Voting Fallible, Ehrlich Says Ann E. Marimow, Washington Post Staff Writer
March 06, 2006 Maryland House Committee Votes 20-3 to Scrap Diebold Touch-Screens in State Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog
March 02, 2006 Maryland: State Board of Elections Admits That Diebold Touchscreens Are Hackable TrueVoteMD
February 25, 2006 Maryland: Optical Scan Solution Faces Familiar Opponent Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
February 24, 2006 Maryland: We Can't See As Votes Get Counted In A Black Box Mike Himowitz, Science Editor, The Baltimore Sun
February 17, 2006 Documents Show Maryland Held Election, Primary On Uncertified, Illegal Diebold Voting Machines Carlos Miller
February 16, 2006 Maryland on the Verge of Major Election Reform Kevin Zeese
February 15, 2006 Maryland: Governor Ehrlich's Letter To State Board of Elections Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich
February 15, 2006 Flawed Election Machines Leave Maryland Voters Guessing Avi Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
February 10, 2006 Maryland Moving Toward Reliable Voting System Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
February 10, 2006 Maryland: Leaving a Paper Trail To Follow Washington Examiner Opinion
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2005-06-02 10:55:21Joan Krawitz, Executive DirectorVoteTrustUSA National Leadership Workshop & Strategy Session for e-Voting Reform Leaders
2005-08-21 19:16:37Bo Lipari, New Yorkers for Verified VotingCounty-Level Strategies for Paper Ballot/Optical Scan Adoption
2005-08-29 14:05:12VoteTrustUSAVoteTrustUSA Statement of Principles
2005-09-07 13:46:53Green Institute, Liberty Tree Foundation, and Fairvote Announce Panel on the Crisis of U.S. Election
2005-10-31 00:18:52Marybeth Kuznik, VotePANot Just a Bunch of Little Old Ladies: The Importance of Becoming a Pollworker
2005-11-28 13:51:16Pat Clark, The Center for Civic Participation and Everybody VOTEPennsylvania: Activists work with Allegheny County on Voting Machine Evaluation Process
2005-12-15 10:16:23Media Release from ACORNACORN Defeats Anti-Voter Legal Attacks
2005-12-24 15:44:50Susan Pynchon, Executive Director, Florida Fair Elections CoalitionHoliday Poem for Voter Activists
2005-12-29 15:59:05Joan Krawitz, Executive Director, VoteTrustUSAAction Alert: Say No To Prohibited Software in Voting Machines!
2005-12-30 14:00:11VoteTrustUSAOpen Letter to the Election Assistance Commission
2006-01-12 15:25:45Verified Voting FoundationVerified Voting Announces New President and CEO
2006-01-16 13:53:06Tara Blomquist, NC Coalition for Verified VotingThe Story of North Carolina's Fight for Voter Verified Elections
2006-01-30 17:11:02Kindra MuntzSarasota Alliance for Fair ElectionsFlorida: County Petition Drive For Verifiable Elections
2006-02-23 16:34:58VoteTrustUSAI Count Coalition Announces DC Lobby Days In Support of HR 550
2006-04-25 17:55:50John Gideon, and VoteTrustUSAFile a HAVA Complaint
2006-04-25 22:26:06Sean Flaherty, Iowans for Voting IntegrityReport on VoteTrustUSA Workshop
2006-05-06 09:46:09Pamela Haengel, President, Voting Integrity Alliance, Tampa BayOne Voice. One Vote. (An Ode to the Struggle)
2006-06-16 00:00:00VoteTrustUSAWatch VoteTrustUSA on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight
2006-07-30 13:50:59Mary Howe KiralyDo Americans Get the Election System We Deserve?
2006-09-23 14:47:19Pollworkers for DemocracyOver 1,400 Sign Up For New "Pollworkers For Democracy" Project In First Week
2006-10-19 18:13:02Pollworkers for Democracy Training
2006-10-25 11:55:01Election Protection CoalitionWatching the Vote 2006
2006-12-18 10:59:19Kindra Muntz, Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections1,000 Rally for Revote in Sarasota County FL-13 Race
2007-11-07 15:10:22Pamela Smith, Verified Voting FoundationElection Audit Summit Brings Together Statisticians, Election Officials, and Advocates