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Sequoia Voting Systems
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October 18, 2008 Insecurities and Inaccuracies of the Sequoia AVC Advantage 9.00H DRE Voting Machine Andrew W. Appel, Maia Ginsburg, Harri Hursti, Brian W. Kernighan, Christopher Richards,Gang Tan
October 17, 2008 Rep. Holt Statement on New Jersey Voting Report U.S. Representative Rush Holt
July 17, 2008 New York: 50 Percent of Sequoia Voting Machines Flawed Kim Zetter
April 05, 2008 NJ Election Discrepancies Worse Than Previously Thought, Contradict Sequoia’s Explanation Ed Felten, Princeton University
March 20, 2008 Sequoia’s Explanation, and Why It’s Not the Whole Story Ed Felten, Princeton University
December 20, 2007 Sequoia: A Step in the Right Direction Richard Brand and Ilya Shapiro, The Weekly Standard
November 08, 2007 Smartmatic Announces Sale of Sequoia Voting Systems Rep. Carolyn Maloney Press Release
November 08, 2007 Sequoia Voting systems announces New Corporate Ownership Sequoia Press Release
September 11, 2007 EAC Notice of Sequoia Non-compliance Election Assistance Commission
August 20, 2007 Sequoia Voting Systems Responsible for 2000 Presidential Debacle? Kim Zetter
April 13, 2007 Sequoia WinEDS Does Not Comply With 2002 Voting System Standards John Washburn, VoteTrustUSA Voting Technology Task Force
February 11, 2007 Sequoia Makes Like Diebold And Gets Hacked By Princeton John Gideon,
December 22, 2006 Potential buyers can cast lot with Sequoia Voting Systems Ian Hoffman and Barbara Grady
December 22, 2006 Smartmatic Announces It Will Sell Sequoia Voting Systems, Withdraw from CFIUS Review Rep. Carolyn Maloney Press Release
December 03, 2006 Treasury Urged to Make Public the Results of CFIUS Investigation of Smartmatic Rep. Carolyn Maloney Press Release
November 19, 2006 Glitches Hit Other Sequoia Systems Jeff Smith, Rocky Mountain News
November 02, 2006 Sequoia: Button On E-voting Machine Allows Multiple Votes Ian Hoffman, Oakland Tribune
October 30, 2006 Smartmatic Announces It Is Undergoing CFIUS Review Rep. Carolyn Maloney Press Release
October 16, 2006 A Good Show, But Questions Remain: Sequoia Advantage/WinEDS Pennsylvania Certification Re-exam Marybeth Kuznik, VotePA
September 24, 2006 Sequoia Misleads New York Brennan Center for Justice
July 16, 2006 Federal Committee To Investigate Sequoia Ownership Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
June 20, 2006 California: Sequoia Quietly Leading State E-voting Ian Hoffman
May 31, 2006 VoteTrustUSA Calls For Inquiry into Sequoia Ownership VoteTrustUSA
May 10, 2006 Sequoia: Voting Machine Glitches Tally Up Lou Kilzer And Alan Gathright, Rocky Mountain News
March 30, 2006 Sequoia E-Vote Systems Found 'Hackable' in PA, Testing Shut Down After Machine Failures Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog
March 27, 2006 Sequoia: Forget Dubai - Worry About Smartmatic Instead Richard Brand
March 09, 2006 Florida Candidate Votes for Self, Sequoia Touch-Screen Voting Machine Flips Vote to Opponent Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog
February 24, 2006 AP: 100,000 Errors Reported on Sequoia Voting Machines in Palm Beach, FL 2004 Election Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog
February 13, 2006 Twists and Turns - Who Owns Sequoia? Robert A. Wilson, Chairperson, Suburban Cook County Chapter, Illinois Ballot Integrity Project
January 04, 2006 New Mexico: State Halts Purchase of Sequoia Edge Warren Stewart, Director of Legislative Issues and Policy, VoteTrustUSA
December 21, 2005 New Mexico: Voters Seek Order Barring Purchase of More Touchscreen Voting Machines VoterAction New Mexico
December 16, 2005 New Mexico: Sequoia Edge Voting Machines Do Not Meet Federal Standards United Voters of New Mexico
December 07, 2005 Michelle Shafer Joins Sequoia Voting Systems as Vice President, Communications and External Affairs Business Wire
October 17, 2005 CEO of Vote-Counting Company Refused Entry into the U.S. John gideon and Ellen Theisen, and VoteTrustUSA
July 01, 2005 Wrong time for an E-Voting Glitch Kim Zetter, Wired News
June 02, 2005 Refuting Sequoia Claims About Optical Scan Voting Bo Lipari, New Yorkers for Verified Voting
March 09, 2005 Sequoia Voting Systems and Smartmatic Combine Seuoia Media Release
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