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Pennsylvania: Three Strikes and You’re Out – Well, Maybe: Unilect Patriot Fails Re-certification PDF  | Print |  Email
By Kathy McPherson, Mercer County Citizens for Better Government   
October 24, 2005
On October 21st, Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro Cortes submitted his final report on the August 15th examination of the newest version of the UniLect Patriot Direct Record Electronic (DRE) Voting System. Certification was denied to the Patriot DRE in large part due to numerous security concerns. The denial of certification for this newest model of the Patriot DRE and will prevent its sale and use within the state of Pennsylvania until UniLect is able to show that it has corrected all documented problems through a reexamination.  

But the story is far from over. The PA Election Code allows for unlimited re-examinations of both decertified and uncertified systems, so you can be sure that UniLect CEO Jack Gerbel will be back in PA again and again until Legislature amends the Election Code to limit the number of times vendors can reapply for a examination. This process is encouraged by the fact that although the initial exam fee that vendors must pay for testing is $3000, subsequent re-exams cost them only $450. This fee does not cover the costs incurred by the state in examining a machine, so it is actually the taxpayers that end up footing the bill each time UniLect comes has back. And they’ve been back 3 times in less than 7 months!
The Video That Led to Decertifying Unilect DRE in Pennsylvania PDF  | Print |  Email
By Joyce McCloy, Coordinator, N.C. Coalition for Verifiable Voting   
June 20, 2005
This is a video of the second examination of the Unilect Patriot in Pennsylvania.
The examiner is professor Michael Shamos.
Pennsylvania decertified the machines because: 

  • The machines do not record all touches by voter, leading to "undervote"
  • The ballots can be altered at the central tabulator level without detection.
County Officials Praise the UniLect Patriot: A Comparison of Words with Facts PDF  | Print |  Email
By Ellen Theisen   
May 01, 2005
Many election officials defend and praise their electronic voting machines. UniLect, maker of the recently decertified Patriot electronic voting system, still proudly displays Customer Comments provided by the officials in counties where the machines have malfunctioned badly.

The following table compares these commentaries to the facts.
Pennsylvania and the Unilect Patriot Decision PDF  | Print |  Email
By John Gideon   
April 21, 2005
Recently a decision was made by the Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth, Pedro A. Cortes, to take the unusual step of decertifying the Unilect Patriot DRE voting system used in three Pennsylvania counties. This decision affected Beaver, Greene, and Mercer counties. This decertification was initiated due to the work of voters in the state who knew there were problems with the machines and who spoke loud and long to convince the Secretary to investigate the machines. Secretary Cortes finally caved to the pressure from these voters and had the machines inspected and tested.

A study was accomplished by Grover City College on the undervote rate from those machines. Researchers found that the undercount percentages in each county were: Mercer - 7.29 percent; Greene - 4.5 percent; and Beaver - 5.25 percent. These are inordinately high percentages.
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