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Danaher Corporation (Guardian Voing Systems)

Connecticut Dumps Danaher - No Electronic Machines (For Now At Least) PDF  | Print |  Email
Danaher Corporation (Guardian Voting Systems)
By Warren Stewart, Director of Legislative Issues and Policy, VoteTrustUSA   
January 04, 2006
In a significant victory for citizen activists and voters in Connecticut, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz announced Wednesday that she has halted the procurement process for voting systems, at least temporarily. The decision means that rather than purchasing electronic voting machines, the state will use mechanical lever machines in November's elections.

In an Associated Press article, Ms. Byciewicz said the finalist in the bid process, Danaher Controls, misled the state and had not yet sought proper certification to meet state and federal requirements. Bysiewicz's office made the discovery during final negotiations with the company. "Unfortunately we were unable to find qualified vendors," she said, adding that no company could provide a certified electronic machine that displays a voter's entire ballot and provides a paper receipt that he or she can verify."

This development comes after a year long effort by the election integrity organization, TrueVoteCT, along with Common Cause, Verified Voting and other national organizations to promote accurate and verifiable election in the state. Last Spring, in the face of determined resistance from Bysiewicz and U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd, the Connecticut legislature unanimously passed legislation requiring a voter verified paper record of every vote and establishing a random mandatory audit of vote totals. Since passage of the bill TrueVoteCT has challenged the state's RFP for procurement of voting systems, arguing that it was written to preclude the use of optical scan technology.

"I commend the secretary for doing the right thing and throwing the process open rather than acquiring an inferior machine for the state, which all the indications up until now were that that was going happen," said Michael Fischer, a computer science professor at Yale and member of TrueVoteCT.
Pennsylvania: Danaher Re-Exam - Blame the Pollworkers! PDF  | Print |  Email
Danaher Corporation (Guardian Voting Systems)
By Marybeth Kuznik, VotePA   
November 04, 2005
Eclipsed by late-night theatrics in the Pennsylvania Assembly over a controversial pay raise legislators voted themselves last summer, the citizen-petition re-examination of the Danaher 1242 voting system received little attention in the Pennsylvania press.

During the re-examination, held in Harrisburg on November 2, Danaher Vice President Matthew Lilly blamed Berks County pollworkers for causing the problem. He said that the pollworkers did not follow training and pushed a red button more than one time to start the machine when the polls opened.

Placing blame on pollworkers was a tactic applied before in re-examinations of Pennsylvania voting systems. Jack Gerbel, president of the UniLect company, also blamed pollworkers for the failures of his Patriot DRE machines during re-examinations of that system last Spring. The Patriot was ultimately twice decertified for use in Pennsylvania by the Department of State. A "new and improved" model of the Patriot failed PA certification on October 21.
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